RMN du jeudi 8 Octobre 2020

La prochaine Réunion Mensuelle de Neuro-imagerie (RMN) du centre IRM-INT aura lieu jeudi 8 Octobre 2020 de 10h à 12h dans la salle de conférence du CERIMED.

  • Jean-Luc Anton, Bruno Nazarian, Julien Sein (Centre IRM-INT) : Nouvelles fraiches du centre IRM (reprise des activités, moyens technologiques & méthodologiques, site web) & échanges-discussions autour des projets/envies/besoins de notre communauté.
  • Rogier Mars (via Zoom) University of Oxford and Radboud University Nijmegen : Evolution of the temporal lobe in primate.The temporal lobe is a unique specialization of primates, related to the visual and social life style of many of the animals in this order. As such, it can be seen in the most primitive primate brains. However, in the human brain the temporal lobe is involved in some of the most advanced behaviors, including “theory of mind” social information processing and language-related semantic processes. The question that we try to address here is whether this is due to a fundamental reorganization of the human temporal lobe compared that of the last common ancestor with other primates, or whether the same principles of temporal lobe organization apply across all primates. Our strategy is to acquire whole-brain anatomical data from a range of primates using neuroimaging and compare temporal lobe organization using a variety of new tools that we have developed in our lab.