Inaugurated in June 2000, the MRI Center of Marseille aims to enable the entire scientific and medical community, local, national and international, public and private, to carry out research in the general field of fundamental neuroscience and clinical and cognitive psychology.

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Since 2012, the IRM Center in Marseille has been attached to the Timone Neuroscience Institute (INT, UMR 7289, CNRS – Aix Marseille University) and has become the IRM-INT center. Since 2016, it has been installed in the premises of the European Center for Research in Medical Imaging (CERIMED) on the Timone Health Campus in Marseille, France.

The main methodology used and actively developed is cerebral magnetic resonance imaging, represented by several modalities: anatomic MRI (MRI) allowing an accurate analysis of the brain anatomy of each subject / patient, functional MRI (fMRI) for a quantitative measurement brain activity during resting period or performing behavioral tasks, diffusion MRI (dMRI) to study the fiber networks of the white matter. This methodology includes three key aspects: experimental protocol design, data acquisition, and signal analysis and processing methods.

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