MRI Antennas

The activity of the MRI centre focuses on structural and functional imaging of the brain for neuroscience projects. However, the centre is equipped with ready-to-use MRI antennas and sequences that can be used for any type of MRI project involving anatomical targets other than the brain.

SIEMENS head/neck 64 channel antenna
SIEMENS head/neck 20 channel antenna
SCANMED pediatric "3 sizes" 16 channel antenna
« Special Purpose » 4 channel antenna
Body antenna with 18 receive channel
4, 7 and 11cm loop coils
Spine 32 channel antenna
4 channel « Flex » antennas
1Tx 8Rx antenna from KU Leuven
Takashima Seisakusho - Rogue Research Macaque 24 channels
Takashima Seisakusho - Rogue Research Marmoset 16 channels