Educational Resources

  • Electro-Myography in MRI: Technical and pedagogical presentation

    Acquiring (and use) of electro-myographic (EMG) signals in functional MRI poses many technical and methodological problems

    The MRI Center has developed a set of hardware and software tools to address this issue

    The presentation introduces the physical aspects related to the sources of induction noise and then the acquisition and processing tools that allow to overcome them. Finally, some results are illustrated.

    This work was presented at the Monthly NeuroImaging Meeting on December 21, 2021

    Download the slideshow as a PDF file


  • Auditory stimulation & active noise cancelling in MRI / fMRI

    Here is the PDF version of Bruno Nazarian’s talk at the CRMBM seminar on 7 February 2022.

    The main theme of this slideshow is Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), but presents more largely the different techniques, technologies and tools for auditory stimulation in MRI.

    Click here to see the PDF slideshow

  • “Technical Lectures”: MRI for Neurosciences

    The INT and the Centre IRM-INT are organising two exceptional sessions of “Technical Lectures” on MRI :
    Friday 11th and Friday 18th December (13h30 – 15h30).

    The objective of these sessions is to present in a simple and didactic way the numerous possibilities offered by MRI for research in Neuroscience. Exceptionally, the slides are presented in English and the speech in French.
    These pedagogical seminars are intended for everyone, and in particular for students and researchers who are not specialists in MRI. They are an opportunity to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the advanced MRI techniques used in neuroscience, many of which are developed within INT.

    – Friday 11/12/2020 (13h30 – 15h30): Part 1: Magnetic Resonant (MR) Imaging of cerebral structure (see pdf 35 Mo)
    – Friday 18/12/2020 (13:30 – 15:30): Part 2: Functional MR Imaging: brain activity and functional connectivity (see pdf 26 Mo)

    The speakers are engineers and researchers from INT and the Centre IRM-INT : Jean-Luc Anton, Guillaume Auzias, Pascal Belin, Thierry Chaminade, Olivier Coulon, Julien Lefèvre, Kep Kee Loh, David Meunier, Bruno Nazarian, Julien Sein, Sylvain Takerkart.
    For those of you who are not part of INT, please contact <> and/or <> in order to receive the connection link to the videoconference (identical link for both sessions).