Trainings & Working Groups

The center IRM-INT organized :

– a formation “Initiation to Python”

Tutorials : 12/11/2019. Speakers : David Meunier and Bastien Cagna

Jupyter books available :

– a formation MVPA (Multi-Variate Pattern Analysis) with the software: nilearn

Theory and tutorials : 20 & 22 /11/2019. Speakers: Bertrand Thirion, Thomas Bazeille, Kshitij Chawla and Sylvain Takerkart

Slides available : Machine learning Course (2,4 Mo) et Decoding with Nilearn Workshop (0,2 Mo)

Jupyter notebooks available :

Since the beginning of 2019, an MRI-MVPA Working Group has been working on these issues and has been exchanging experiences and know-how.

See a collaborative working document for 2019 : here.

See a collaborative working document for 2020 : here.

If you are interested in joining this MRI-MVPA Working Group, please send an email to : Jean-Luc.Anton _at_ (replace _at_ by @)