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On this page, you will find a set of resources that will allow you to complete your research authorization application and integrate all the constraints related to the safety of individuals in the conduct of your study.

Authorization of the premises as a “Biomedical Research Site”.

By the decree of 13 April 2018, bearing the number 2018-03, the facilities of the Centre IRM-INT within the CERIMED building have been authorized by the PACA Regional Health Agency as a PLACE OF BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH, for a period of 5 years.

This decree must be attached to any request for research authorization filed with the ethical cells or the CPPs.



Access to the MRI Centre, and even more specifically to the magnet room, is strictly regulated. Indeed, MRI can be a dangerous technique if all precautions are not taken.

Because of the use of intense and variable magnetic fields, some people cannot take an MRI examination. In particular, people with metal implants such as pacemakers, clips on vascular malformations (aneurysms, etc.) in the brain, certain heart prostheses, cochlear implants, permanent make-up or those who have been exposed to metal projectiles in the eye area cannot be scanned. The risk then is that the force exerted by the magnetic field on this material may displace it or that radiofrequency gradients generate heat in metal objects.

In order to comprehensively cover all contraindications, the MRI centre provides experimenters with a questionnaire intended for potential subjects.

Any person, whether or not taking part in an experiment, and wishing or having to enter the magnet room must be aware of these contraindications.

Example of a questionnaire for MRI contraindications


( to be completed and signed by all subjects AND experimenters (researchers, students, visitors) )