Preparation and installation of a participant

Reminders on inclusion of participants

Each participant in a neuroimaging protocol must be welcomed, informed and prepared with the utmost care and rigour.

We remind you that each participant included in a protocol must be the subject of an inclusion visit.

Furthermore, we recall that this inclusion refers, among other things, to a certain number of contraindications that we recall in the following document : Questionnaire_contraindications_IRM

Welcome of the participant

Before entering the MRI room, the following safety precautions should be taken:

  • Empty all pockets completely (the small grey tray in the small locker room can be used for this purpose). In particular, remove all keys, coins, telephones, magnetic cards, etc.).
  • Remove all metal objects from the body: watches, belts, bracelets, necklaces, metal bars, glasses, etc.
  • For women: Have the bra removed if it contains metal underwire.

It is also useful to ensure the following:

  • Check the participant’s visual acuity and, if necessary, use the MRI-compatible eyeglass and corrective lens kit available at the Centre.
  • Ask the participant to go to the bathroom …

Finally, in order to enter the participant on the MRI console, retrieve the following information:

  • Year of birth
  • Size
  • Weight

Installing the participant in the imager

After a final check, the participant can be installed in the imager.

IMPORTANT: First of all, the participant must be equipped with earplugs to protect his or her eardrums.

Positioning the Subject on the Table

  • Position the MRI Marker on the participant’s right temple.
  • Lay the participant on the bed and position his or her head in the back of the antenna on the small cushion.
  • Place a comfort cushion under her knees.
  • Position the earphones and any foam or cushioning around the temples.
  • Place the head as high as possible in the antenna.
  • Connect the upper part of the 64 channel coil!!!
  • Check that the top part of the 64 channels antenna is connected !!!!
  • Say out loud “Did I plug in the top of the 64 channel antenna???”
  • Position the mirror above your eyes and check the visual…
  • If the FOMRI-III optical microphone is used, place it close to the subject and test the microphone return on the OptoAcoustics console.

Handling the Imager Table (Bed)

Motion, registration, and imager table position operations are performed using the Control Interface.

  1. Use the “home” button to position the table at the correct height.
  2. Entering MRI: Use the wheel to move the table forward
  3. Turn on the laser (press the button symbolizing a crosshair viewfinder) and ask the subject to close his eyes.
  4. Align the eyebrow arch with laser (by slowly turning the knob)
  5. Turn off the laser (by pressing the button again).
  6. Advance the table until the display shows “isocenter” on the display above the tunnel.
  7. Check that the lights under the bed are turned off, that the tunnel is ventilated (buttons and knobs located next to the Position Control Interface or via the controls on the console).
  8. Close the room
  9. Adjust the lights in the MRI room if necessary (round buttons on the control room wall): bottom button, front light, top button, back light.