MR compatible devices

– Stimulators

From a material point of view, the main stimulation peripherals developed cover a wide range of perceptive inputs:


– Collection of behavioral responses

Similarly, the various response collection devices also tend to cover the widest possible panel, depending on the needs of the teams:

  • Multiple-choice behavioural responses: ergonomic 5-button keypads (right hand, left hand), answer buttons. Precise measurement of reaction times using electronic counters.
  • Visual Behavior: EyeLink 1000 Eye-Tracking System
  • Motor responses: non-magnetic joystick, optical trackball, joint movements, optical movement sensor, analogue force sensor
  • Voice response: OptoAcoustics’ FOMRI-III MRI-compatible optical audio recording system with real-time amplification and noise cancellation
  • Physiological responses: heart rate (plethysmography), respiration, electro-dermal response, swallowing, ElectroMyograGraphy (EMG)
  • Graphic tablet dedicated to writing or pointing tasks.

All of these peripherals (stimulators or response sensors) are either developed within our platform or in partnership with local players in our network of expertise (engineering schools in the Aix-Marseille area), or purchased from manufacturers, provided that they are perfectly mastered and can be upgraded within our platform.