Air-flow tactile stimulator

The MRI Centre, in collaboration with the INT’s S-PrIME team and the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, has developed an original device for diffusing regulated air flows in the MRI environment. This system is fully flow regulated and can control 4 independent channels. It is composed of 3 stages:

  • Instrumental stage: control bench including electropneumatic components, power supply and control board
  • Peripheral stage: support and ergonomic and articulated device allowing the positioning of the stimulation nozzles towards the subject
  • Software stage: driver and control software for the device.

This new stimulation device allows and has already allowed the implementation of fMRI studies on monomodal (tactile) or multimodal (tactile/visual for example) sensory perceptions.

Technical specs :

  • Maximum pressure supported: 4 bar
  • USB control
  • Driver and program written in LabVIEW

This development was the subject of a methodological publication whose reference is :

B. Nazarian, J. Caron-Guyon, J.L. Anton, J. Sein, J. Baurberg, N. Catz, A. Kavounoudias,
A new patterned air-flow device to reveal the network for tactile motion coding using fMRI,
Journal of Neuroscience Methods,
Volume 365, 2022, 109397,
Keywords: Air stimulation; Pneumatic device; Motion perception; Cerebral network; MVPA