RMN of Thursday 18 November 2021

A Monthly Neuroimaging Meeting (NMR) took place on Thursday 18 November from 10am to 12pm in the Henri Gastaut room (ground floor of the INT). Two new projects will be presented :

  • Lydia Dorokhova & Elin Runnqvist (LPL) : Self-monitoring of Language In Production. A global neuro-cognitive approach (projet SLIP version 2)
  • Elisa Gavard, YuFei Tan & Johannes Ziegler (LPC), Elise Lefèvre & Eddy Cavalli (EMC, Lyon), Valérie Chanoine (ILCB), Jean-Luc Anton (Centre IRM-INT)Compensatory and predictive brain network in adult with dyslexia (PREDYS)