RMN of Thursday 13 June 2024

The next Monthly Neuroimaging Meeting will take place on Thursday 13 June from 10am to 12am in the conference room of CERIMED (access map). The program :

  • New project MotConf
    Can Oluk (Laboratoire de systèmes perceptifs, Paris & EPFL, Lausanne), Martin Szinte (INT), Guillaume Masson (INT), Pascal Mamassian (Laboratoire de systèmes perceptifs, Paris)
    “Confidence in Global Motion Direction Discrimination”
  • Project’s results PREDYS
    Elisa Gavard
    , Valérie Chanoine, Franziska Geringswald, Jean-Luc Anton, Eddy Cavalli & Johannes C. Ziegler (CRPN) .
    “Semantic and syntactic predictions in reading aloud and visuo-motor statistical learning: an fMRI study in dyslexic students”