Annual scientific Meeting : 4th October 2024

15th Scientific Day of the MRI-INT Centre (4 October 2024)

Developmental Neuroimaging : from fetal to adolescent stages
MRI in human and nonhuman primate

Open to all !
Free and mandatory registration :

Program :

  • 9h : Welcome
  • 9h15 : Presentation of the MRI-INT Center & introduction
  • Morning session : Ontogeny of Non-human Primates (NHP)
    • 9h30 : Keynote : Pier Francesco Ferrari (ISC Marc Jeannerod, Lyon, France) : The Lasting Effects of Early Social Life on Rhesus Monkey Brain Structure and Activity
    • 10h30 : Coffee break & Posters session
    • Projects carried out at the MRI-INT Center
      • 11h : Yannick Becker (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig) : Primate brain development: The age of communication
      • 11h30 : Olivier Coulon & Guillaume Auzias (Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone, Marseille) : Fetal brain MRI in humans and baboons to better understand normal and pathological brain maturation
  • 12h : Lunch break & Posters session
  • Afternoon session : Ontogeny of Human Primates

    • 14h : Keynote : Petra Hüppi (Geneva University Neurocenter, Switzerland) : Imaging the developing brain: neuroscience of the preterm infant
    • 15h : Olga Kepinska (University of Vienna, Austria) : Intergenerational transmission of the structure of the auditory cortex and reading skills
    • 15h30 : Florence Bouhali (Centre de Recherche en Psychologie et Neurosciences, Marseille) : Structural constraints and functional plasticity in the developing reading brain
  • 16h : Cocktail